1. Public Economics 
  • Physicians’ incentives to adopt personalized medicine: Experimental evidence (with David Bardey and Bruno Ventelou). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021, 191, 686-713.
  • Regulation and altruism (with Izabela Jelovac). Journal of Public Economic Theory, 202022(1), 49-68.
  • Inequity in access to personalized medicine in France: Evidence from analysis of geo variations (with Bill Weeks et al.). PloS one, 2020, 15(7).
  • Physicians’ responses to previous exposure to Pay-for-Performance: experimental evidence. Draft available upon request.
  • Social Value Orientation, Moral and State Universalism, and health preferences and behaviors (with Laure Athias and Bruno Ventelou).

2. Development Economics

  • Child labor and schooling in rural Côte d’Ivoire during COVID-19: incidence and determinants (with Sharon Wolf, Kaja Jasinska, and Amy Ogan). Draft available upon request.
  • Leveraging Mobile Phone Expansion in LMICs to Improve Parental Practices (with Bastien Michel, Joanna Murray, and Sonali Wayal). Paper draft.
  • Promoting Learning and Reducing Child Labor in Côte d’Ivoire Through Family- and School-based Interventions (with Kaja Jasinska, Amy Ogan, and Sharon Wolf). Ongoing fieldwork. Trial registry (AEA).
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